Textured Keycaps

Textured WASD and Arrows enhance your performance and comfort in FPS games. The shape and rubberized texture of these 8 keys allows you easily identify them by feel, so you never lose your place on the board or take your eyes off of the game! Color: Hyper Blue
SKU: KC950WAR-hbl



This is a must-have accessory for frequent arrow cluster users who are seeking more differentiation of the keys due to the Freestyle Edge’s compact layout. Kit includes 8 Cherry MX backlit key caps with textured rubbersized surface and a keycap puller for easy removal.


  • 8 Keycaps & Keycap Puller
  • Shine through keycaps compatible with backlighting
  • Compatible with all Cherry-style key switches
  • Doubleshot molding for premium feel and enhanced durability

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