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For troubleshooting, technical questions, repairs, and upgrades please use the link below. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible during normal business hours.

If you need help immediately, please review the Troubleshooting Tips and FAQs at left, or download the User Manual.

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Firmware Updates

VERSION 1.0.372

1) All the changes in Version 1.0.101 below plus…

2) Enhanced macro flexibility. For those users who require more than 24 macros per layout, download and install firmware v1.0.372 which allows you to program up to 7,200 marco characters per layout, which translates to 24 full-length macros (~300 characters), 100 shorter macros (~72 characters), or anything in between. *Note: The SmartSet App will warn you not to exceed the 24 macro limit but this notification can be safely ignored.

3) Breathe Mode bug fix


Download Version 1.0.372


VERSION 1.0.101

1) Improved backlighting brightness range compared to v1.0.0. If you find level 1 too bright, we recommend installing this update.

2) Two powerful new macro tools: 1) Random Delays and 2) Custom Delays. Currently these tools can only be accessed by direct editing layout files (NOT VIA THE SMARTSET APP). Remember to “Eject” the drive in File Manager after direct editing before you unmount the v-Drive.

Random Delay: Simply insert the token {dran} into a position in a macro to introduce a variable delay between 1ms and 150ms. Each time the macro plays back it will have slightly different timing.

Custom Delay: To create a delay of any length between 1ms and 999ms, simply insert the token {dXXX} where “XXX” is the length of the delay (e.g. {d050} for a 50ms delay).

3) Game Mode bug fix (F4 was disabled in Game Mode)


Download Version 1.0.101


VERSION 1.0.66 (Default)

Factory default firmware for all keyboards. Download and install if you have installed newer firmware and would like to revert back.


Download Version 1.0.66


Installing a Firmware Update


Step 1) Open a text editing program and run a Status Report (SmartSet + F7) to confirm the currently installed version of firmware.

Step 2) If you would like to install a different firmware version, use one of the links above to download a firmware update file to your computer (unzip if necessary).

Step 3) Use the onboard shortcut (SmartSet + F8) to open the keyboard’s v-Drive.

Step 4) Use file explorer to locate and open the “FS EDGE” removable drive on your computer.

Step 5) Copy and paste the firmware update file you downloaded into the “firmware” subfolder on the “FS EDGE” removable drive.

Step 6) Rename the firmware file “update.upd”.

Step 7) Use the onboard firmware update shortcut (SmartSet + Shift + U) to install the new firmware. NOTE: The update process will take 10-12 seconds. Do not type on the keyboard until the all the lights come back on.

Step 8) Open a text editing program and run a Status Report (SmartSet + F7) to confirm the new firmware was installed.

SmartSet App Download


The App will not run from your computer. It must be saved to the top-level of the v-Drive ON THE KEYBOARD. Non-US users: The App requires that your computer is running the US keyboard driver.




Your Freestyle Edge is pre-loaded with the Windows version of the SmartSet App. Simply open the v-Drive to launch it. Use this download only if you need to re-install the App on the v-Drive.

Download SmartSet App v1.4 (Windows)

Mac OS X


Mac users will need to download the Mac version of the App and save it to the v-Drive by hand.

Download SmartSet App v1.4 (Mac)


Many Linux users have reported successfully using Wine to run the Windows version of the App. Note: Wine and other such programs are 3rd party applications which have not been tested by Kinesis and are not supported, use at your own risk. If you are a talented developer, you can access the source code on GitHub and design your own App.

Visit GitHub

Installation Instructions

Step 1) Use the links above to download the latest version of the SmartSet App for Mac or Windows to your computer.

Step 2) Locate the downloaded App on your computer and unzip if necessary.

Step 3) MAC USERS ONLY- Double-click the App to perform a quick verification. Click the Open button and then close the App. View Example .

Step 4) Open the v-Drive (SmartSet + F8) and locate the “FS Edge” removable drive in your file manager program.

Step 4) Copy and paste the App to top level of the v-Drive. Then double-click the App to run it.


MAC TROUBLESHOOTING: If you receive an error message saying that the App has been “damaged”, make sure you verified the App from your Mac before copying it to the v-Drive (step 3 above).

Alternate Layouts

Download the appropriate text file below and save it to the Layouts subfolder on the v-Drive of your Freestyle Edge. Rename the file as “layout1.txt” or “layout2.txt” etc. to assign it to Layout position 1 thru 9. Close the v-Drive and then use to the onboard shortcut (SmartSet + Number) to load that layout to access it.

Dvorak Layout

Colemak Layout

Mac Layout



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