Can I get Mac keycaps?

Yes, we offer a set of 4 Mac Modifier Keycaps for $25.

Edge Mac Keycaps

Where is the SmartSet Key?

The SmartSet Key is the half-sized key on right module with the “gear” icon. It doesn’t do anything by itself, but it is used in conjunction with other keys (some legended and some not legended) for onboard programming.

Can I upgrade my keycaps?

Yes! The Edge uses standard Cherry MX keycaps so any 3rd party Cherry-compatible keycap should work. Note that due to the Edge’s compact split layout there are some unique keys: Right Ctrl and Right Shift keys are 1.75x wide (substitute a Caps Lock key) and the space bars are 3.5x wide (We are not aware of any 3rd party 3.5x space bars).

How do I access the SmartSet App?

Unlike on the original Edge, the SmartSet App is run from your desktop, not from the keyboard’s v-Drive. Download the App using the link on this page and save it to any folder on your PC. Connect the v-drive to your PC with the onboard shortcut SmartSet + F8 and then launch App. When you are done using the App, Eject the keyboard by right-clicking the FS Edge RGB drive on your PC, and then disconnect the v-Drive with the onboard shortcut SmartSet + F8.

How do I speed up my macros?

You can speed up your macros in one of two ways:

Global Speed Setting: All macros recorded on-the-fly will playback at the global speed. The global speed is set to 5 but can be adjusted easily using onboard programming or the SmartSet App.  Use the onboard shortcut SmartSet + F9, and then select 1-9 for the speed, or 0 to disable macros.

Individual Speed Setting: Using the SmartSet App, you can set a custom playback speed from 1-9 for each macro. The individual speed will always override the global speed.

Where is the numeric keypad?

The Freestyle Edge was specifically designed as a “tenkeyless” keyboard to bring your mouse in closer to your body. If you require a numeric 10-key, you can program one into the embedded layer using the SmartSet App.

What's the best configuration for typing or gaming?

Whether your typing or gaming, you want your hands at shoulder width and wrists at a neutral angle. Adding the Lift Kit will reduce forearm pronation for an even healthier posture. To learn more visit our Ergonomics page.


How do I accesse the embedded Fn layer?

Press and hold the Fn key in the Game Bank to access secondary key actions like the Multimedia keys, Insert, and Scroll Lock.

The Fn key can be assigned to any key on the keyboard (including either space bar) using the SmartSet App for convenient access to all your secondary key actions. You can choose either the default “Fn Shift” action which is press-and-hold, or the momentary “Fn Toggle” action depending on your preferences.

Can I disable onboard programming shortcuts?

Yes, use the Program Lock command (SmartSet + Shift + L) to temporarily disable the 4 programming keys. Use the same shortcut to re-enable onboard programming.

How do I access the multimedia controls?

Hold the Fn key to access the embedded function layer and then press F1-F6. Release the Fn key to return to the top layer. If the media keys don’t work, its likely because the v-Drive is connected.

Does the Edge work with non-US keyboard drivers?

Basic keyboard usage and onboard programming should work with non-US keyboard drivers, but the SmartSet App requires that you are using the standard US keyboard driver.

How do I customize the keyboard lighting?

The Edge has nine Profiles. Each Profile has been assigned a default lighting Effect which can be customized using the SmartSet App. Tap the Profile key to toggle through the first three Profiles, or use the onboard shortcut SmartSet + 1-9 to direct select one of the nine Profiles.


If your Freestyle Edge RGB is not working as expected, you have several options.

Step 1: Reference the FAQs above and the Troubleshooting Tips at right.

Step 2: Open any text editing program and use the onboard shortcut SmartSet + F7 to “print” a Status Report of the active keyboard settings to the screen. The Status Report will tell you the active Profile and the number of remaps, and macros in that Profile. If Status Report indicates any inadvertent reprogramming, simply perform a Soft Reset (SmartSet + Shift + F12) to erase all remaps and macros in the active Profile

Step 3: Perform a Firmware Update using the instructions below.

Step 4: If you still need help, use the link at the bottom of the page to submit a Trouble Ticket.

RGB SmartSet App won’t launch

The RGB SmartSet App is radically different from typical gaming keyboard software. The App does not use any special drivers to communicate with the keyboard, instead you use the onboard shortcut SmartSet + F8 to connect the keyboard’s v-Drive to the App when you are ready to program. When you are done programming disconnect the v-Drive to regain full access to keyboard features.

Note: Unlike the original Edge, the RGB SmartSet App is designed to be run from your desktop, not saved to the keyboard.

Keyboard not updating after using the SmartSet App

To preview your changes first save them in the SmartSet App, and then use the Refresh Shortcut (SmartSet + Profile) to load them to the keyboard. If you are done customizing, simply disconnect the v-Drive (SmartSet + F8) to implement your changes.

Note: If you are still having problems, open a text editing application and run a Status Report (SmartSet + F7) to confirm the active Profile and keyboard settings.

On-the-fly macros and remaps are not working

Run a Status Report (SmartSet + F7) to confirm the number of macros and remaps saved to the active Profile.

Note: Macros and Remaps only work when the v-Drive is disconnected.

Multimedia keys are not working

Multimedia actions only work when the v-Drive is closed

v-Drive Error

Like any flash memory drive, if you disconnect the keyboard’s v-Drive while the SmartSet App is still writing to one of the configuration files, the drive can become corrupted. Drive corruption is easily fixed, but for best results the v-Drive should be reformatted in the FAT-16 file system so please submit a ticket via the link below for step-by-step instructions.

Macro playback errors

Macro playback is highly dependent on the computer and game/application. In many cases the Edge is capable of playing back keystrokes faster than the computer can process them. To get your macros perfectly dialed in, use the SmartSet App to set a custom playback speed and/or insert timing delays (1-999ms) into the macro itself to achieve the desired result.

Windows key not working

If the Windows key has stopped working, you may have accidentally enabled Game Mode. Check the “G” LED indicator in the upper right corner of the right key module and use the shortcut SmartSet + F11 to disable Game Mode.

Keyboard is outputting random characters

It’s possible that you accidentally recorded a macro or remapped a key. You can launch the SmartSet App to see your active Profile, or perform a Soft Reset with the onboard shortcut SmartSet + Shift + F12 to erase all remaps and macros in the active Profile.

Note: To prevent this from happening again, we recommend enabling the Program Lock feature with the onboard shortcut SmartSet + Shift + L.

Backlighting goes off when I hold the Fn Key

If you’ve upgraded to Lighting Expansion Pack 1 or 2, you now have the ability to assign a unique lighting effect to the Fn layer. Use the layer toggle switch in the Lighting Tab of the SmartSet App to mirror the Top Layer effect to the Fn layer or chose a contrasting effect to highlight critical embedded keys. *App update may be required

RGB SmartSet App


Freestyle Edge RGB- SmartSet App RGB - Layout Editor



The all-new SmartSet App 3.0 offers a GUI alternative to onboard programming for your Freestyle Edge RGB keyboard (KB975). Use the App to configure macros and special key actions, customize lighting effects, modify global keyboard settings, and much more.


Use the links below to download the RGB SmartSet App and save it anywhere on your computer. Unlike the original SmartSet App, the App does not get saved to the v-Drive.

Lighting Expansion Pack 2

*Firmware update required to access the latest keyboard features.

Installation Instructions

Accessing the App

To access the RGB SmartSet App, first connect the keyboard’s v-Drive (SmartSet + F8) to your PC, then launch the App. Since the Freestyle Edge RGB is driverless, the keyboard does not update in real-time. To implement your new settings, first save your changes in the App, and use the App Refresh shortcut (SmartSet + Profile) or simply disconnect the v-Drive (SmartSet + F8).


Access the Source Code on GitHub


Tenting Accessories

RGB SmartSet App

Firmware Updates - Freestyle Edge RGB

Installation Instructions

Updating the firmware on the Freestyle Edge RGB is a quick and easy process. The RGB Edge has separate firmware files for the keyboard and the lighting effects.

  1. Download the appropriate update file using the links at right. Confirm you are downloading the correct firmware by entering the 5 digit model number of your keyboard (label on underside: KB9_ _) as the password.
  2. Connect the v-Drive to your PC (SmartSet + F8).
  3. Copy the “.upd” file(s) to the “firmware” subfolder on the v-Drive labeled “FS EDGE RGB”.
  4. Rename the firmware files as follows:
    1. Keyboard Firmware: “UPDATE.upd”
    2. Lighting Firmware: “UPDATE_L.upd”
  5. Eject the v-Drive (via right-click) then disconnect it from your PC (SmartSet + F8).
  6. Use the onboard shortcut to install each firmware file. Wait until the first installation is complete before beginning the second (15-20 seconds)
    1. Keyboard Firmware: SmartSet + Shift + U
    2. Lighting Firmware: SmartSet + Shift + R
  7. Run a Status Report to confirm update was successful (Open a text window and press SmartSet + F7)

Notes: The update process may take 15-20 seconds. Do not type on the keyboard during the update. Do not attempt to install Edge RGB firmware on the original Edge.


The Freestyle Edge RGB is backed by a TWO YEAR limited warranty

Submit a Trouble Ticket

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