V3 Pro Lifters

Attach the V3 Pro Lifters to your Freestyle Edge to “tent” the keyboard (High, Medium, or Low) with the Palm Supports detached for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions. Improved comfort means fewer breaks and quicker reflexes.
SKU: AC930



Tenting the Freestyle Edge puts your wrists in a more natural position which reduces hand and arm strain. Unlike the Lift Kit, the V3 Pro is designed to work with the Palm Supports detached.

  • Quickly adjust between high, medium, and low tent settings (5˚, 10˚, and 15˚)
  • Highly stable gaming/typing platform with no “bounce”
Learn More About the Ergonomics of Tenting

*V3 Pro Lifters are only compatible when the Palm Supports are detached. To tent with Palm Supports choose the Lift Kit.


  • Includes Left and Right V-Lifters
  • Palm Supports must be detached

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