Bring your mouse in tight for maximum precision and control in low DPI shooters

Get the Vektor Mouse


Remove strain on your forearms to boost endurance and outlast the competition

Get the Lift Kit

XL Split

Separate the modules up to 20″ to accomodate your HOTAS, mic, or stream deck

Fly with Kinesis Gaming


Separate the modules to shoulder width for an ergonomic typing experience

Ergonomics Explained


Push the key modules together for a standard layout and classic typing experience

Free Rotation

Rotate either module for perfect key coverage or to squeeze into a tight space at LAN

Compact TKL

Remove the detachable palm supports for maximum versatility and desk space

Palm Supports

New thick cushioned pads with quick glide surface and moisture resistance

Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical Switches

  • Premium feel and fast response time
  • Unmatched precision and accuracy
  • Engineered to last for 50M keystrokes
  • Choose the switch that’s right for you

Get the Switches the Pros Use

MX Brown

  • Low Force
  • Tactile Feedback

MX Blue

  • Clicky
  • Tactile Feedback

MX Speed Silver

  • Low Force
  • Short Travel

MX Red

  • Low Force
  • Linear Feel

Per-Key RGB Lighting

  • Wave
  • Spectrum
  • Breathe
  • Rain
  • Reactive
  • Loop
  • Pulse
  • Rebound
  • Ripple (NEW)
  • Fireball (NEW)

See all the effects

Convenient Onboard Programming

  • 100% plug-and-play, 4MB onboard memory, and 9 Profiles
  • On-the-fly macros with playback up to 250 actions per second!
  • Remap any key in either layer with the touch of a button
  • One-touch Game Mode, NKRO, Profile Switching, and more

Smartset App (Windows & Mac)

  • No special drivers required, just download to your desktop
  • Customize RGB Lighting Effects (Color, Speed, Direction, Zone)
  • Macro Delays, Tap-and-Hold Actions, Mouse Clicks, and more
  • Everything you need, without the bloatware!


Team Tested. Team Approved.


Official Keyboard Partner

Operating System

Plug-and-Play on Windows, Mac, Linux, & Chrome


USB Wired (Single Port, 6′ Braided Cable)


1MS Response Time, NKRO Mode, Game Mode, Cushioned Detachable Palm Support


100% Genuine Cherry MX Mechanical


Per-Key 16.8M Color RGB Lighting (11 Customizable Effects)


1.25″ tall x 15.5″ wide x 10.25″ deep


3.0 lbs


2 Year Limited Warranty

MSRP: $219



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